Bouncing Benefits on Your Urban Rebounder

When most of us think of a trampoline, we think of it as something for children to use, but it’s not just for children. It also isn’t something that you have to do outdoors. Mini-trampolines have come back into style with a vengeance, only now they call them urban rebounders.

Children love to jump on a trampoline, and it can entertain them for hours. After all, it’s fun bouncing into the air where you’re free as a bird, and then landing again. There’s just nothing else like it. It may seem that adults wouldn’t get as much joy from a trampoline as children do, but maybe you’ll change your mind when you read about how many health benefits regular jumping will give you.

Although an urban rebounder is tiny compared to a regular trampoline, you can still burn a lot of fat by doing workouts on it. The American Council on Exercise has noted that the workout you get from a rebounder has created one of the hottest fitness trends around. Rebounding is defined as full-body workout that is achieved by using no other equipment but a mini-trampoline.

If you’re interested in learning how to rebound in order to reap the most good from your workout, you’ll be able to find many websites which give you advice as well as descriptions of various moves and diagrams for performing them. You’ll also find that many fitness centers give lessons in proper positioning as well as the movements you’re going to want to incorporate into your regular routine.

The Urban Rebounder is one of the best mini-trampolines available today. They don’t come cheap. For around $300 you get a strong, woven mat surface that has a 28″ diameter. For an extra $40, you’ll get a carrying bag plus 3 workout DVDs. An Urban Rebounder comes in two different types: one for home use and the other for gym use. There isn’t much difference between the two models except that the gym model can hold 350 pounds while the home model only holds up to 300 pounds.

Although the Urban Rebounder is similar to the mini-trampolines everyone knew in the ’80s, the surface has been woven much tighter. This means that you will be restricted to a bounce that’s only two or three inches high. Even though the bounce seems small, it’s plenty to use for strengthening the muscles in your legs and abdomen. Healthbounce.come claims that using the Urban Rebounder for just one hour can burn up to 700 calories.

Regular workouts on a trampoline have many more health benefits than just burning calories. It is better for your body than running on a hard surface, because the surface of the rebounder absorbs most of the shock placed on your feet and joints. Since you aren’t injuring your joints, you’ll suffer less pain following a workout which means you’ll be more likely to stick with your exercise program.

People who start out with more difficult, higher impact workouts often give up after a short while. It’s hard to force yourself to do something that hurts. With your Urban Rebounder, you’ll actually have fun doing your daily workout, and it won’t cause you any pain. Men as well as women can benefit from workouts on the rebounder, and it is safe for children as long as an adult is around to supervise.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try a mini-trampoline and see what it can do in your life and those of your family. The simple pleasure it will give will take you back to those carefree summers of childhood.