How to Enjoy Living in Urban Centers

That the world is becoming more urbanized by the day is a reality. Unlike in the past, more of the world population now live in urban centers with most preparing to join the urban population in the nearest future. Even in developing countries where about 70% of the population used to live in rural areas, this proportion has reduced to about 50% with the propensity for further reduction. The factor responsible for this is rural-urban migration. Most of the youths in the rural areas today migrate in droves to urban areas with the belief that their life-chances will improve at the cities. Aside the youths,active rural dwellers who are not youths but still active also migrate to cities en-mass in search of better opportunities.

This largely unregulated spate of migration over-stretches urban facilities, causes homelessness and high rent, leads to high traffic jams, increases urban crime, causes noise and environmental pollution, causes over population and increases urban poverty. These problems most often make living in cities a nightmare. To enjoy living in urban centers therefore, it may be important to consider the following:

1. Make up their minds and agree that urban centers have peculiar problems that are non-existent in rural areas. For example, cost of living in cities is higher, traffic jam is more prevalent and crime could Facing this reality prepares the urban dwellers psychologically for any stress that may come with living in such places and builds coping mechanisms.

2. It is a good idea not to live at the city center. Parts of the city that are a bit far from the center tend to be cheaper, more peaceful and less congested.

3. Create time for recreation. Cities have good places, usually, where residents could relax. Do not allow the urban stress and survival demands and pressures to eat too deep into your sense of recreation. Always take time to refresh through recreation. Some Mega cities like Tokyo and New York even though are very busy still have good recreation centers. Thus, there are good recreation centers in cities and residents must always take advantage of these.

4. Always try to buy your things, even groceries and fabrics, from suburbs or rural areas a bit far from the city. You are most certainly going to get better bargains.

5. Study the traffic patterns to know the peak periods and the free periods and plan your routines appropriately so you are not held up in traffic always. This will help you avoid time and manpower hour waste. This also will reduce your stress and other risk exposures often related to traffic complications. Based on traffic patterns, you may have to leave home or office earlier or later than usual so you can enjoy yourself and be free from traffic problems.

6. Urban ways of life could be very stressful and compromise health. Therefore, residents must take more care of their health. The residents must undertake regular medical check up. They must not wait till they are sick. This could be too late. Urban challenges are natural stressors with dangers for health. Regular medical check up and prompt health intervention in case of sickness is recommended.