Taking a Look at Local Dentists – Not Just for Root Canals Anymore!

In earlier decades, towns and cities were significantly smaller than they are now and finding a dentist was a matter of walking down the street to your neighbourhood dentist, or driving downtown to “see that fellow your sister recommended.” In the past three decades major cities have exploded in size opening new doors for dental professionals everywhere. So how to you choose the dentist that’s right for you and your family?

In a typical lifetime, you will have to see your dentist at east once per year for typical checkups; factor in incidentals (cavities, dentures, crowns, a root canal, etc.) and you’re there a lot more often. Add in some cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, veneers, etc.) and you’re taking the level of service from your dentist to new heights.

How To Choose

  • Visit your local Dentist Association website for a list of recommended Dentists in the city.
  • If you are moving from one province/state to another, check with your previous dentist to get his / her opinion on a new one.
  • Ask your friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. about the dentists they have used.
  • After you have your search narrowed a bit, visit more than one dentist to see if you feel it’s a good fit.
  • Ask the dentists if they have recall schedules for regular patient checkups.
  • Ask for treatment options – good dentists will always give you all the options, not just the most expensive one.
  • Ask your candidates if all treatments are explained fully before being completed and if they always have ready lists of advantages and disadvantages of specific treatments.

Why It’s Important to Find the Right Dentist
Your dentist is the person that will be responsible for your oral care for a very long period of time. You need to make sure that the dentist you choose has a specific list of services in all three categories of dentistry: Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic.

Preventative dentistry refers to regular checkups, periodontal therapy, nightguards for teeth grinding and oral cancer screening, among others. These services should be offered on a regular basis to their patients.

Restorative dentistry are procedures that you may need throughout your lifetime. These procedures include: fillings, tooth extractions, dentures and partials, root canals, and dental implants.

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly expanding arm of dentistry and is now being offered at most dental offices. These services are aesthetic services and are generally performed to perform “smile makeovers.” These include: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers or Lumineers, bonding, and tooth jewelry.

Whether you’ve just moved into Edmonton or are unhappy with your current dentist, finding the local dentist that’s right for you is crucial to your oral and general health.

Global Warming: The Effects of Climate Change On Human Settlements in Urban Areas

A Review of the Risks, Vulnerabilities and Impact of Climate Change on the Urban Community

Throughout the world, global warming presents increasing risk factors than can be linked directly to the regional vulnerabilities and the economic conditions associated with urban communities. Some of the problems are a direct result of the expansion of urban environments. Therefore some of the solutions must center upon how urban communities address the growth factor. Although the degree and intensity of cause and effect depends upon the given size of the community, the environmental characteristics of the community, and the economic conditions within the community, this report avoids such in-depth examination. Rather than trying to address every aspect and solution, look instead at a generalized review of human settlements in urban regions and how global warming affects the community and the associated industry and infrastructure of the settlement.

Urban Adaptation to Climate Change and the Associated Risks

According to Csmonitor, over half of the global population resides, builds and functions within urban communities. Such tight-knit regions produce an undesirable by-product in the form of “greenhouse” gas effects. Furthermore, poor communities often lack the technology to manage growth while regulating the emission of “greenhouse” gases. Thus the rapid growth of urban cities in low-to-middle income countries also increases the growth of communities at risk to extreme weather changes.

Addressing the problem can with governmental management of infrastructure, managed land-use and development of a strong ecosystem helps, but not all countries are capable of initiating such actions. Thus the risks factors continue to grow, and the effect is global rather than merely local. Building reliable resilience while also enabling sustainable urban development demands leveraged support of climate change adaptation. A support system that does not always deliver a resource-efficient solution to the growing problem of global warming and the associated climate changes hinders the resilience of the project.

The internal composition of most cities revolves around an inter-dependent system than can be managed but that can also be limited by medium confidence in limited submitted evidence. But when the evidence mounts and the management system delivers assurance of co-benefits, a powerful rise in support follows. The urban community suddenly realizes a resource-efficient method for addressing global warming and the associated climate changes.

As the risks linked to global warming accumulate, the negative impacts on human settlements, human health and local economies also accumulate. Sea levels rise. Storms surge. The increase in flooding, landsides and water scarcity cannot be ignored. Air pollution, drought and heat stress drive up the costs of air filtration, water supplies and even home air conditioning. Excessive energy consumption becomes the norm. According to the 2014 WGII AR5 Final Draft, by the year 2100 the cost of air conditioning will increase global energy demands by up to 30-fold.

Changes in the climate impact almost every range of urban infrastructure, including sanitation and drainage, energy and water resources, transportation, and communication. Is the services arena, urban dwellers can expect a rise in risk factors associated with emergency services and personal health care response times. From economic stress factors to household well-being, the methods or managing urban communities will play a major role in future balance of the environmental and ecosystem services of the world.

For individuals, climate change affects multiple areas of life, including individual and family assets, personal health, and the methods of maintaining a decent livelihood. Yet in the human settlements that lack in essential services and infrastructure, provisions for adaptation are limited and the risks factors are explosive.

But all is not gloom and doom. Urban adaptation begins now and can be incremented toward a sustainable alignment with risk governance. From the private sector to the power of local and community governmental resources, the opportunities for immediate action is possible even if not currently realized in practice. It begins with a strong urban government that is capable of assessing and integrating a local regulatory framework that generates local support and confidence. It requires planning, design and allocation of resources and manpower. And it needs to be processed in incremental and transformative solutions that further increase the urban confidence in adaptation outcomes.


This article and its content do not constitute legal, financial, technical, or medical advice. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that this document is correct at the time of publication, the author disclaims any and all liability to any person or entity in respect to any consequences of anything done or omitted to be done in reliance upon the whole or any part of this article and its content. All trademarks, logos, and associated content displayed are the property of their respective owners.

Emergency Dental Services Provide Good Care As Per Need

Dental services and customer satisfaction remain essential priorities for the service providers that manipulate happy smiles. It is rather recently that dental health has received due recognition and technology has brought up wonders like veneers, implants and cosmetic dentistry that could not be imagined decades ago. People today stand a much better chance of maintaining a full set of active teeth into the golden years, provided they observed dental hygiene since the younger days. Something to worry about is the possibility of a sudden accident or long-standing tooth problem that may need emergency dental services.

Though emergencies are hardly related to teeth, but rather focused on essential organs like the heart and lungs, such serious problems do sometimes arise as a result of

• Mysterious loss of teeth

• Fractured or broken teeth

• Ruthless tooth pain

• Long standing gum disease or injury

• Objects lodged in the teeth

Just like emergency facilities in health care centers, these providers work around the clock and would be available for emergency dental care day and night. When such a contingency arises, it is certain that appropriate dental health care would be rendered immediately. Besides, dental emergencies are hardly life threatening, though they could mean serious problems for the future. In many cases, timely intervention prevents issues blowing out of proportion. Anxiety can be truly debilitating and many make the mistake of delaying treatments. The annual dental check up is often neglected and problems may be quietly building up in the mouth. The price to pay for the delay may be the loss of teeth. Tissues and gums could undergo serious damage over time.

Catering to emergency dental services is an occasional event, though serious enough. Most of the time the dedicated company staff are busy administering a range of treatments targeted at achieving optimum smiles and preserving them for long. A pretty smile with glowing teeth means a lot in terms of levels of confidence and professional and social success.

Some fabulous smile generating treatments are:


Crowns and Bridges

Laser Dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry


The service provider is organized to deliver personalized dental health care to everybody. Refreshments like steaming tea or coffee beside the soothing background music would put the patients much relax. If a short wait is necessary, watch the flat screen television or read the latest magazines and informative brochures about the dental health of course. Be prepared to submit a dental history if such a situation arises, because even tooth pain, especially long-standing pain, could have dire consequences. Among colleagues, friends, and relatives, such stories would be circulating of extractions and root canal treatments arising after pain being considered insignificant and treated with painkillers over months and years.

Be prepared to tell the dentist

  • The exact location of the pain
  • Whether instant searing pain or long drawn out pain
  • The duration of the pain or gum bleeding problem
  • Medications like painkiller brand names taken
  • Whether fever comes and goes
  • Anxiety problems

Infected teeth and gums are often the problem and antibiotics are good enough treatments at the starting stage. If neglected, the infection gets deeper into the root and the final solution would be extraction. If that happens to several teeth, the happy smile is in danger and costly replacement teeth would be necessary. People hardly wish to maintain dentures, particularly in old age.

Whatever is the nature of the dental problem, irrespective of age and other health conditions, an affordable course of treatment need to avail whenever requires. Working without a fuss and getting straight at the root of the cause. A variety of scientific and technological testing and treatment procedures would make certain that problems are not likely to arise again, though that periodic check up and teeth cleaning are recommended for everybody.

Only a few organizations have a reputation for excellent patient-centered dental healthcare and works towards their ultimate satisfaction. Sincerity and integrity ensure that all the procedures recommended tally with the exact requirements. A sense of social responsibility drives the team towards the achievement of professional goals. Core values inspire the team each day and the mission is well on the way to success. Compassion for the suffering results in longer duration trust relationships. Confidence grows to know that emergency dental services would be available whenever the need arises.